idea /
designing concept

Direct Adaptation?

During the conception stage of the film we saw an opportunity to expand on the two comics. We felt that we were missing a third chapter and a thematic connection between the two stories.

These questions encouraged us to expand the original concept and idea of the film further. We decided to create an additional chapter and by doing so, making one film with three acts. Each act being a comic focused on a cinematic atmosphere and feeling. The film would be connected through their cinematic experience; leading from mystery to suspense and finally resolving with a chapter of sustained tension.

 This would be the film’s design – but how would they play out and, more importantly, would they work? Could it be done?

 The final modified concept would be a interconnected anthology in three parts.

The final concept for the anthology of stories required an adaptation of the source material, in particular Al Columbia’s comic, 5:45 A.M.. The comic’s narrative was modified and expanded upon in order to make the entire film more coherent. The  decision was made early on to make each chapter unite through atmospheres that enforced a uneasy haunting mood and tone. These factors played a key role on the experience of watching the films.  


5:45 A.M. (Modified)

Tone / Mood: Mystery

Modifications / Additions:

a) The lonely child: This is the most significant modification to the original comic. By adding a lonely child wondering about the house I wanted to iniciate a more sinister and uneasy feel to the already mysterious sequence. Our curiosity is already ignited with the sight of the dead woman but now we sense that her death might be related to the boy.

b) Teens vandilizing the house from outside: I wanted to create a sonically charged enviorment within each frame of the film. By having kids outside of the house we have a textured sense of depth. We are able to sense the interior world verus the exterior, a sense of the spatial enviornment.



Tone / Mood: Suspense

For the Jacov sequence I decided to be faithful to the source material and utilized its strong aggressive style to its full potential. I used this comic as my inspirational reference for modifying the other sequences.


Inspector (New Chapter)

Tone / Mood: Tension

The Inspector sequence is the entirely new addition to the film. It is an expansion on 5:45 A.M.. The chapter revisits the home from the start of the film but with a new perspective – a more sinister and haunted one. After the intensity of horror in Jacov we, as an audience, should be engaged and unsettled. Since Jacov paved the way for horror, the Inspector sequence can glide on tension and assert a tone of ghostly unease.   

The connecting factors in this sequence to the first – is the child and the house. These elements unite the chapters by suggesting something grander and more sinister at work. The Inspector sequence also is united by the viewers awareness that they are preview to another haunting.