Vr1. Rough Draft Storyboard:

The rough draft storyboard serves to show the process of considering alternatives to particular sequences. As well as showing the process of deciding shot sizes, angles, movements, etc. 

Vr2. Ordered Storyboard:

This is a scanned and re-ordered storyboard based on the final determined shot list. This was the film’s shot order – as determined before shooting. 

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Animated Storyboard

The storyboard is animated in sequence to provide the production team with a sense of tone, atmosphere, and pacing. The visualization also helped me to better comprehend key moments in the film.

The Inspector chapter is not included in this visualization. 


Dolly & Turn

To demonstrate a particular shot, I created a previsualization (a 3D preview rendering) to help illustrate my intentions. The shot required a dolly to push diagonally while  the subject turned around. The effect would be a rapid shifting background contrasted to the subject counter movements. The desire was to create a sense of panic and stress by using drastic movements. 


Door Sequence

The door sequence, in the Jacov chapter, was a particular sequence I felt necessary to make a previsualization for. I wanted to better understand the shot arrangements and pacing. I also saw the need to illustrate my intentions to our DOP (director of photography), to make things clear from the onset.

The shots were very stylized and needed testing before going into production.